Girl’s 1st Birthday

Girl’s 1st Birthday

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The girl first birthday party of your little one will remain etched in time. It is not just any birthday but a celebration of one year of happiness, memories, togetherness and the sheer love that brought the little being to life. Your baby girl deserves all your attention and his or her first birthday should not show any kind of neglect. Rather than worrying sick about how to organize the event, it is best to hand over the responsibility of the event to professionals.

Girl first Party Planner is an experienced organizer who specializes in girl birthday parties. However, our services extend to include all other kinds of girl parties and events too. By virtue of working in the industry for several years, we have some of the best vendors, decorators and designers working with us who can give your girl party a unique look. Not only do we take care of decorating but also look after the catering, venue selection, budgeting, entertainment and all other aspects of a girl party. Our services extend to Delhi, NCR, Noida, Gurgaon and some nearby areas too.

An integral part of any girl birthday party is the entertainment which can become a hassle for the inexperienced. We can take care of all sizes and kinds of entertainment for 1st birthday parties. You can have clowns, magicians, singers and dancers, musicians, comedians and other stage performances. If you wish to have games at your little ones’ birthday girl party, you can opt for that too. Besides, we have trained and experienced team members who love kids. They will always keep an eye on the children to ensure that they are all safe.

If you are confused when it comes to choosing venues for the event, we can help you out with some of the best yet affordable options in your area. Our job as a girl party planner is not just restricted to the event but also spreads before and after so that you get a complete, fully organized for girl party, all aspects of which are taken care of.

We are also skilled when it comes to organizing girl theme parties. Can’t think of a theme for your baby’s 1st birthday? Drop us an email or simply call us and we will help you out. Our creative team can come up with some of the most innovative themes for boys and girls and will also ensure that is followed throughout. From the décor to the food to the entertainment to the return gifts – all facets of the party will carry out the theme thoroughly.

An important part of girl first birthday party is the cake – not only should it taste good but it must also bring out the significance of the event. We work with custom cake bakers who can give life to the unthinkable – share your idea of the cake with us or just allow us to work on it and give you a surprise. Look no beyond First Party Planner when you are in need of any help with parties in Delhi, NCR, Noida and Gurgaon.

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