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60th Birthday Party

Being 60 is an incarnation of one hell of a passage. The knowledge and wisdom that often comes only with age is what you knowledge once you turn 60. This is a motive that definitely call for celebration, as it is an end of an age. Most people give up work for a quiet life at 60, and look out to experience other belongings like spirituality and travelling.

We have organized and planned this pointer coming of age birthday party for many of our customers and their senior associations. If there is one thing that we can make sure with the absolute guarantee then it is that we will in no way let you forget this landmark and you will have great memoirs from here on.

Sweet 16 Birthday Party

hough teens start from 13, we start receiving the real quintessence of it from when we are 16. This is the time when we try the new thing and feel our childhood more than we will forever feel later in life. If we were to give you one turn of phrase to explain 16 year olds, it will be youthful, overgrown, and free. Planning and managing sweet 16 birthday parties generally turns out to be our favorite type of parties for the reason that of its liveliness, fun games, music, designing, themes, etc. Carnivals, Company ceremony, and congregation These kinds of events are ofttimes done on a larger range than birthday parties and baby showers. There is more number of guests to be present and a lot of fun to be had. Our planners and birthday organizer love managing these carnival, and business events. We have present large scale corporate parties for giant like Max New York and Samsung, and have always come out on top. Our crew is extremely competent and trained, and overlooks every appearance of large-scale events like this. We arrange for chief guests, achievement, celebrity guests, music, decorations, juncture, and other things according to the demand of the condition.

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Our Theme Parties & Entertaiment

A today form of birthday and other celebration is through theme planted birthday parties. These parties are very priceless since a theme is already decided for the party and the guests and the hosts complete to this theme and satisfy in it. Theme parties are very much enjoys by children by reason of there are plenty of exciting themes for them, including cartoon themes, games themes, champion themes, comics theme, etc. The trick to theme pratie lies in the proper understanding of the theme that the clients want for their birthday or other party. Once this is getting done, our team tries its level best to gather all the necessary props and decorations to set it up in perfect synchronization to the clients’ visualization.

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3. Make It Your Own

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Our Games And Activity

We offer best games & activity for birthday party and corporate kids activity like Tatoos Maker, Shows - Magic , Puppet, Jugler etc.., Art & Craft , Manpower Management , Outdoor Activity.

Birthday Party Decorations in delhi Delhi Birthday Party in delhi


Tatoo making is very important activity for kids in birthday party , kids are enjoying

Event Planner in dlhi Kids Birthday Party Organizer in delhi


For birthday party you can chose Magic show and Puppet show , both are interesting

Birthday Decoration in delhi Kids Birthday Party in delhi

Make Up Counter

For girls party chose makeup activity like – nail art, hair bidding, beauty counter

1st Birthday Party in delhi Greeting Card Organizer in delhi


Mime Show, Roaming Magic, Clown, Air-Walker As Per Theme

1st Birthday Party Organizers in delhi Wedding Planner in delhi

Art & Craft

Origami, Pottery- Painting & Making, Photo-Framing Making..

Kids Party Organizers in delhi Party Decorations in delhi

Outdoor Activity

Learn, Play, Mud Painting, Plant something in the garden..

Birthday Party Event Planner in delhi Birthday Party Organizer in mumbai


Bouncy , Adventure Rides , Bull Riding , Wall Cliembing ..

Birthday Event Management Birthday Party Planner in delhi

Artist & Manpower

Games Coordinator , Male – Female Anchor, Sketch Artist …

Our Gallery

birthday organizer These are some pictures which gives you better ideas to understand about your kids birthday party as per theme based for your boys and girl party.

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Our Team & Our Mission

At birthday Organizer , we manage, train, and employ our team very selective. We always make sure that all our members are hard-working, competent, and passionate. Our technical members are also scrutinize very carefully and we make sure that they really know their work and function according to our standards.

In every event, crises are almost ineluctable for a production of that status. We have trained and motivated our employees to handle crises easily, collectively, and efficiently. Our events have always get the best compliments from our clients, their guests, and people attending the event.

It is this respectability that we choose to uphold and better furiously. Our motivation is your satisfaction, and we hope to achieve it constantly. A lot of our achievements will always be credited to our excellent team who work very hard and repeatedly to make every event better than the last one. It is this zealously nature of work that give us of hope of getting higher ourselves even more and employ many more technicians and management staff. All we need is your continuous support.

Our mission is to introduce new and more efficiently work methods for planning and management of corporate parties, kids’ birthday, events, etc. With this in mind we have continually tried to innovative and better our ways to increased efficiency.

Our company is develop and believes in progression even when we are on top. We have time and again followed various event management practice from around the world to see which one works better. From this experience of trial and error, we have in a way come to discover our very own way of working that has always made our clients happy.

birthday Organizer has always tried to find that balance between respectability and emotional bonding and brought the very best of event management, in an Indian way. We don’t believe in operating with the mind only like many of our contemporary, but always sprinkle some love and hearts on the top to bring smiles to your faces.

This is what we work so hard for, and our one and only mission. Our services are available around Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Jaipur, Meerut, and Panipat. For more details and info, contact us here.

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